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Costa rica has famous coffee plantations. Costa rica Tarrazu is full bodied with a pleasant acidity.

Of the coffee grown in Central American, Costa Rican coffee is the strongest and perhaps the best to blend with any other coffees. Now keep in mind that there are much lesser grades of Costa Rican coffee beans, but they are sold specifically for "blending" with much of the higher volume "commercial" blends.


Costa Rican coffee beans are graded by the hardness of the bean. This is determined by the altitude at which they are grown. "Strictly hard bean" (SHB) indicates coffee grown above 3,900 feet, "good hard bean" (GHB) at 3,300 to 3,900 feet, followed by "medium hard bean" (MHB) grown at 1,600 to 3,300 feet. Costa Rican coffees grown in the Atlantic area carry that fact in their names, as in High Grown Atlantic which is favored by the European nations.

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