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Sumatra Mandheling

Some of the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees are grown in Sumatra and called Mandheling, Ankola, and Lintong. These coffees are distinguished by their full body, more earthy than Java Arabica, and with a low acidity. Sumatran coffees are renown for providing a rich, satisfying flavor. Sumatra coffees (Mandheling particularly) are typically available as both Fair Trade and Organic certified.
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
Though Mandheling is dry processed, their particular method involves washing the dried coffee cherry in hot water to provide a more consistent appearance of the coffee beans than typical dry processed coffees, and likely contributes to the coffee’s fine flavor.
Sumatra Mandheling coffee is named after the north Sumatran Mandailing people and is considered one of the world’s top specialty coffees. It grows at elevations up to 5,000 feet and as low as 2,500 feet above sea level near Padang in west-central Indonesia.
With a body as full as any premium coffees, Sumatra Mandheling reviews frequently describe that it can be downright syrupy. Despite a subdued acidity the tastes are complex and intense, and a chocolate sweet flavor often holds earthy undertones. Notes of licorice may also be present.


Indonesian Java Arabica coffee is a wet-processed (washed) Arabica coffee that comes from the island of Java. Most of it is grown on the east side in the “Ijen” volcano cluster on the Ijen Plateau at elevations around 1,400 meters.
A good Java coffee exhibits a relatively heavy body compared to the rest of the world, though lighter than some other Indonesian coffees from the surrounding regions. Java coffee has a fairly rustic flavor profile with a lingering finish, herbaceous nuances in the aftertaste, and less acidity. Java Blue is sometimes available but can be spotty in terms of availability.
While the aftertaste of Java may be a bit more pronounced than other Indonesian offerings, it may contain slightly spicy or smoky twists that make it distinctive. Overall it has a sweet impression, with a very smooth and supple flavor.

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