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A good Peruvian coffee is gentle, aromatic and flavorful with a mild acidity. Some of the most notablecoffees of Peru are Urubamba and Chanchamayo, which are both market names.
Urubamba and Chanchamayo Coffees
Urubamba coffee is grown in the southern part of the country near Machu Pichu, and Chanchamayo which is grown in the central region of the country on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains in the renowned high green mountain valley of Chanchamayo east of Lima at elevations of about 1,200 meters above sea level and higher.


Chanchamayo coffee exhibits a medium (occasionally light) body with a moderate to bright acidity and delightful flavors and aromatic qualities.
The taste of a fine Chanchamayo is smooth and delicate, and very well-balanced with nutty and chocolaty tones and a sweet citrus taste in both the flavor and aroma as well as the pleasantfinish/aftertaste. The taste is soft and sweet.
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